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Home Inspections

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Home Inspections With
Res-Comm Property Services
Make all the difference in your Home Buying or Selling Experience
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Oregon Certified Home Inspector (OCHI): 2136

We Leave Nothing Unchecked

When you hire Res-Comm Property Services LLC for a general home inspection, you never have to worry that there are still issues lurking undiscovered within a house. We have more than 20 years of professional experience conducting inspections. We understand that the appearance of a home or building does not tell the whole story. Serious problems can lurk beneath an attractive facade. It is our job and mission to uncover any issues for you to make a proper decision.

A home inspection is fitting if you’ve found the perfect home and want to make sure it’s not too good to be true or if you’re selling a home and need to know what repairs you may be expected to make prior to the sale. A home inspection from the professionals at Res-Comm Property Services LLC will provide you with everything you need to know about your home and actionable advice on what you should do next, all at a reasonable price.

The key to our customer satisfaction

is the quality of our work.

What To Expect

The inspection will take typically 2-3 hours. Then we will leave your home exactly as it appeared upon our arrival.

An inspection involving a check and analysis of nearly 400 items will be done with pride and professionalism.

We will offer numberous helpful home ownership and home preservation tips.

At the completion of the inspection, we will prepare a comprehensive report onsite that is easy to read and understand.

Benefits To You...

Invaluable experience in the home industry

Inspectors trained in the latest trends

Deluxe testing and analysis techniques

Flexible appointment scheduling

Easy- to-talk-to, friendly inspectors

Why Hire Us?


You deserve a professional home inspection for security, protection, and a smoother closing. Knowing the condition of your home, whether buying or selling, is a wise decision. Our home inspections are in depth, comprehensive, visual examination of the structure, mechanical components, ventilation, and so much more!